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Car Rental Services at Montreal Airport

We invite you to try our car rental services at Montreal Airport. As one of our newest offices, we will make great effort to provide you with the best services possible. Our cars are amongst the finest in the industry, and our staff is friendly.

### The beautiful city of Montreal

With around 4.1 million citizens, [Montreal]( is a large city in South Eastern Canada. And, there is a lot to do and see here. Some of the more famous attractions are:

• **Mount Royale**. It is a large hill which lies close to the city center. The area is famous for its ethnic diversity and the small shops. Mount Royale offers amazing views of the city;
• **The Notre-Dame Basilica**. The church has stunning architecture and receives visitors during the entire year. There are free tours around the place in both English and French;
• **The Montreal Biodome**. Another amazing destination would be the Biodome. Here, you will have access to four different American ecosystems. The zoo has much to offer. This is an excellent place for families or anyone who loves animals;
• **The Montreal Botanical Garden**. It has many exhibits. One specific activity would be to try and find all the types of butterflies. Explore the facility and enjoy yourself. The place is perfect on rainy days because it will keep you dry;
• **Old Montreal**. The area is old with structures going back all the way to the French colonial The streets are colorful and full of small shops and restaurants.

### Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

The [airport](éal–Pierre_Elliott_Trudeau_International_Airport) lies on Montreal Island which is around 20 km away from the city center. The location proves to be vital as it connects the airport with every part of the city.

During 2017, there were more than 18 million passengers. That number could easily reach 20 by 2020. Many international tourists arrive here.

There is only one terminal which has four separate parts. They are as follows:

• public
• domestic
• international
• transborder

Montreal Airport has a huge list of destinations with direct flights to numerous cities across Canada and beyond. Flying to or from the USA is easy, and there are flights going to different European, Central American, and North African capitals.

One neat feature would be the SMS alerts. All passengers have access to flight status updates directly to their phones.

### Car hire Montreal Airport

As one of the largest cities in Canada, second only to Toronto, the demand for top-quality car rental services in Montreal is huge. Many international brands are often opening new offices here, and the time has come for Right Cars to join in.

Our newest [branch location]( is at Montreal Airport. Feel free to visit us at any time. Check out [its page]( for more details regarding any basic information. Booking a car is easy, and you can do it directly from our website whenever you want. Picking up your vehicle takes little time.

*Book a car at Montreal Airport from [Right Cars](! Drive on Canada’s beautiful roads and enjoy yourself. You have our word – this will be an amazing adventure!*.....





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